The People’s National Party Youth Organisation, PNPYO, is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to address what it says are concerns over his uncertified statutory declarations. 

The call came from PNPYO’s president, Senator Gabriela Morris. 

In a statement, Senator Morris says Prime Minister Holness’s statutory declaration has not been certified by the Integrity Commission for nearly three years. 

She says the Holness administration needs to take immediate and decisive action to address the issue.

According to the to the PNPYO president, there are concerns about the reputational damage that this may cause Jamaica on an international stage. 

She says a prime minister, who has unresolved integrity filings, cannot serve in that capacity. 

Senator Morris claims that the Holness government has a worrying track record of what she described as nepotism and cronyism.

According to the Senator, the JLP administration has a pattern of placing unfit and connected people in key positions. 

The Senator did not specify what positions she was referencing.

She says the alleged practice may undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of public institutions.