The youth arm of the People’s National Party, the PNPYO, has labelled claims by Constitutional Reform Committee member, Sujae Boswell, that it was consulted during the Constitutional Reform process as misleading.

Mr. Boswell cited the group as one that was consulted during the Constitutional Reform Committee, CRC’s communication with youth stakeholders islandwide.

Mahiri Stewart has that story.

Speaking Wednesday at a post-cabinet media briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Boswell listed the PNPYO as well as the PNP Patriots as youth groups the CRC consulted throughout their process.

In response to Mr. Boswell’s comments, the PNPYO, on the social media platform, X, says Mr. Boswell’s claims of consultation are not in line with the definition of the word.

In a lengthy thread, it says they met with Legal Affairs Minister, Marlene Malahoo Forte and Opposition Spokesperson on Justice, Senator Donna Scott Mottley, on May 12, 2023.

The PNPYO described the meeting as more of a question-and-answer session as opposed to an opportunity to present their views.

The group even labelled the minister’s participation in this meeting as perfunctory, adding that she refrained from including openness in their discussion.

The group says it believes that the process is too early for them to provide meaningful input on matters.

The PNPYO says it then requested a follow-up engagement following the May 12 meeting, which Minister Malahoo Forte agreed to.

However, it says the follow-up meeting never materialised.

The group’s thread ended with it calling on the committee to revisit its method of engagement with young people.