The President of the PNP Youth Organization, PNPYO, Andrae Blair says he’s concerned about what he says is the high concentration of Government Ministries at the Office of the Prime Minister, OPM.

Mr. Blair says the decision to place the Ministries of Defence, Growth and Job Creation, Land, Water, Housing, Environment, Works and Climate Change, all at the OPM, is bad for the country.

He was speaking today at a press conference at PNP headquarters on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew.

Mr. Blair says the JLP administration should take a second look at its decision to house eight portfolios in the Prime Minister’s office.

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Mr. Blair says the Ministries of Climate Change and Environment should be separate from the Development Ministry, to avoid what he calls a natural conflict.

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The PNPYO President says the Prime Minister should have included more young MPs in his Cabinet.

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