The Police say a taxi woman’s alleged involvement with a gang may have resulted in her death. The female taxi driver was shot dead at about 7:10 last evening on the Tucker main road in St.James.

Dead is 25-year-old Tamara Higgins, otherwise called, Alex, of Dam Road, Spring Mount in the parish.

According to Head of the Area 1 Police, Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers the taxi driver’s alleged involvement with a feuding gang is one of the two leads being followed by Detectives.

ACP Chambers says several people have died as a result of the ongoing feud.

Assistant Commissioner Clifford Chambers, Head of the Area 1 Police speaking with Nationwide News.

Higgins was driving a Toyota Voxy motor bus, with some 7 passengers aboard.

According to the police, the gunman was posing as a passenger. The police say, one of the passengers, said to be a male, asked Higgins for a stop.

Higgins complied and stopped the vehicle.

The Police say the man then told Higgins he had personal items in the trunk, which he needed assistance to get.

Reports are, the man asked Higgins to open the trunk of the vehicle. Upon opening the trunk, the man then opened fire hitting her.

The police say, no one else was hurt.