Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communication Unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, says the bloody weekend which saw as many as 24 people killed across the country is being fueled by gang conflicts.

SSP Lindsay says except for a few incidents the majority are gang related murders.

The murders took place between 6 PM last Friday evening and 6 this morning.

The tally include multiple instances of double  and triple murders which took place in St. James, St. Ann and the Corporate Area.

Among them the murder of an elderly woman and her daughter in Olympic Gardens in St. Andrew. 

However, SSP Lindsay says the JCF is still following leads in relation to this matter.

The spate of violence has triggered the imposition of curfews in sections of St. James and Clarendon.

However, SSP Lindsay says the JCF remains on top of the situation and will bring the latest flare up under control.

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, Head of the Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit.

She was speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon.