The Corporate Communications Unit of the Constabulary Force, CCU, says it’s not in a position to say whether the immediate transfer of former Commanding Officer for East Kingston, Robert Walker, from that division is connected to the recent Palisadoes/Airport traffic chaos which crippled operations at the Norman Manley International airport.

Nationwide News revealed this afternoon that Superintendent Walker was transferred today with immediate effect. He’s been reassigned to the Police Area 4 Headquarters.

CCU Head, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, confirmed the transfer.

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The Palisadoes traffic debacle led to a number of people missing their flights, while the departure of a number of flights were delayed.

The incident resulted in some visitors to Jamaica vowing never to return to the island.

Some members of the Constabulary, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Nationwide News that Superintendent Walker should be held accountable for the embarrassing turn of events.

Recently – Police Commissioner George Quallo’s refusal, in a preliminary report, to hold any member of the High Command accountable for the debacle deepened a rift between him and National Security Minister, Robert Montague.

Commissioner Quallo later conceded that it appears that Superintendent Walker may be faulted for lack of diligence and proper execution in managing law enforcement activities in his Division on the day the Sandz Party took place.

Quallo said he’d have to consult the Police Service Commission, PSC, on the issue of accountability.

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