National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang, says 13 alleged gangsters have been charged in connection with various crimes committed in Westmoreland.

Dr. Chang says the crimes include the slaughter of seven people in Grange Hill last week.

The Security Minister told Parliament this afternoon that an army base has been established in Westmoreland as the security forces move to restore law and order to the parish.

Dr. Chang gave the update during a statement to the House of Representatives this afternoon.

The Security Minister says since last week – criminal charges have been laid on 13 alleged gangsters and a crime facilitator.

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Dr. Chang did not detail the charges laid against the alleged gangsters.

He, however, updated Parliament on steps taken by the security forces since the killing of 7-people in Westmoreland last week.

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Dr. Chang says the Jamaica Defence Force has established a base in Westmoreland.

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The Security Minister has been criticized by Human Rights Advocate, Horace Levy and Public Commentator, Garnett Roper, for describing as animals, thugs who last week gunned down seven people, including two boys – one 10-years-old and the other two.

Dr. Chang noted today that the criminals intentionally pumped bullets into a child after kicking away his father’s dead body. The father was attempting to protect his son.

The Security Minister told Parliament that he’ll not apologize for describing such conduct as lacking humanity and being animalistic in nature.