Police Commissioner, George Quallo, is again defending the integrity of the Constabulary Force.

In a statement today, Commissioner Quallo says there are more decent, honest, and hardworking men and women in the constabulary than there are unscrupulous members.

He says he remains committed to his promise of leading the JCF with integrity.

The Commissioner says he’ll continue to show strong disgust to any practice of corruption or wrong doing by members of the JCF.

Commissioner Quallo says the JCF has no place for individuals who break the law. He says this impairs public confidence in the JCF.

He says as keepers of the democracy, the police are held at a higher level of moral conduct than the average citizen. He’s calling on the decent members of the JCF to denounce any act of misconduct or corruption that’s likely to impact its image.

No indication is given in the statement about what prompted the Police Commissioner to issue it. But it comes after the JCF Review committee has cleared five police officers of dereliction of duty for their role in the 2010 security forces’ operation in Tivoli Gardens.

The constabulary force has arrested several of its own for corruption and other offences in recent weeks.

On the weekend, three policemen were arrested on reasonable suspicion of kidnapping and extortion.

Last month a police sergeant was arrested and charged with multiple ganja-related offenses.