Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, is strongly denying rumours that the three rogue policemen involved in a series of deadly incidents on Sunday, were acting on behalf of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF.

The three are accused of murdering party promoter Sheldon Daley, before engaging in a high-speed shoot-out with another policeman, which resulted in the death of an innocent motorist and one of the rogue cops.

Two of the three accused policemen were already facing separate murder charges.

Commissioner Anderson has also confirmed that neither of them had been suspended, and therefore would’ve had access to police resources, including weapons and vehicles.

The Police Commissioner says the three policemen were acting as criminals when they allegedly killed Sheldon “Junior Bigs” Daley.

He says the JCF has confirmed that they weren’t on any official business at the time of the crime.

So why were the rogue cops in a licensed, but unmarked police vehicle?

And found with police service weapons, a police log book and flashing blue lights inside the car?

Commissioner Anderson explains that one of the three, whom he identified as Williams, who died during the shoot-out, had no case pending against him.

The second policeman, whom he identified as Scott, who’s now in hospital, had been removed from front line duties as he faces a murder charge.

However, there’s a judicial review of that case before the Resident Magistrate’s Court, and a decision had yet to be taken on whether to suspend him.

While Corporal Kirk Frazer, who escaped from the scene of the crash and is still on the run, should’ve been suspended but wasn’t.

According to Commissioner Anderson, police personnel who are taken off front line duty still have access to JCF resources and are allowed to wear their police uniform.

He also indicated that one of the men’s administrative duties would’ve given him access to police vehicles.

In the meantime, the Commissioner says an autopsy will be done very quickly to determine how an innocent motorist, Kevron Burrell, died.

There were reports that Burrell was shot by police who mistook his vehicle for that of the rogue cops.

Commissioner Anderson says the JCF is looking into whether the off-duty policeman who pursued the three rogue cops, was working as a bodyguard for the murdered party promoter, Sheldon Daley.

The Commissioner adds that the incident has greatly demoralized members of the JCF.

He says they have a lot to do to restore the nation’s trust in the Constabulary.

He says since becoming Police Commissioner just over a year ago, he’s suspended, interdicted or dismissed over 70 JCF members.