Police Commissioner, George Quallo, says he’s moving to identify all members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, who own public passenger vehicles.

This, amid fresh allegations that some members of the Force are not taking action against bus and taxi operators who break traffic laws because they own or have an interest in the vehicles.

Commissioner Quallo says he’s asked the Transport Authority to provide him with a list of public passenger vehicle owners who’re JCF members.

The most recent allegations that members of the JCF are corruptly pardoning motorists who break the rules of the road were made during an interview on Cliff Hughes Online this morning.

A taxi operator, Paul Phillips, says drivers of public passenger vehicles that are owned by members of the Constabulary and their friends, often avoid prosecution.

He says they’re untouchable.

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Commissioner Quallo says this is a claim he’s often received but without evidence.

He says he wants to have a list of all members of the JCF who own or operate public passenger vehicles.

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The country’s top cop says members of the force must get permission from the Police Service Commission to engage in another trade.

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Commissioner Quallo says once he has a list of the members of the Force who’re involved in the practice he’ll investigate if they’re breaking the law.

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He says the JCF will then decide what other action will be taken against the offending members.