The Jamaica Constabulary Force has cracked a two-year-old murder case linked to the 2021 turf war between the Darksyde and Genasyde gangs.

A Rae Town man has been charged with a murder that occurred at the height of the gang conflict.

While the police’s actions may help close one of the bloodiest chapters in the history of Parade Gardens, there are fears that some are trying to reopen old wounds.

William Mitchell reports.

By all accounts Naseem Brown wasn’t involved in the gang conflict. But on Wednesday June 9, 2021 he became a casualty of the feud.

Reports are the 55-year-old was at home at Rum Lane and Barry Street when he was approached by a man on a motorcycle who opened fire.

At the time, residents say Brown begged for his life as he was effectively executed in a gang conflict that garnered national attention.

Community sources told our news centre Brown was targeted because a close family member was allegedly involved in the killing of Danville Hamilton days prior.

Six days later, the community mourned again when a sound system operator affectionately known as Blah Blah was killed in an apparent reprisal for Brown by armed thugs posing as police.

Nationwide estimates at the time indicated 15 people were killed in a three month span from April to June.

But it appears Brown’s murder has been solved.

The police say they’ve charged 31-year-old Andre Robinson from Williams Street in Rae Town with Brown’s murder.

On Thursday, the Central Kingston police also been charged Williams with possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorised possession of ammunition.

Robinson has also been slapped with a wounding with intent charge relating to a January 2021 stabbing on Patters Row in Kingston 16.

While the Brown family may be about to get closure, tensions have again began to simmer in Parade Gardens.

On August 2, a 54-year-old shopkeeper was murdered in the early morning on Gold Street. Reports are the murder may be a reprisal for a shooting days prior.

Three men have been charged with that murder.

They are 20-year-old Quan Dawson, otherwise called ‘Crocs’, 20-year-old Delano Anglin otherwise called ‘Huddie’ and 23-year-old Antonio Jackson otherwise called ‘Forty’.

On August 25, a man known as Rumpie was killed at the corner of Rosemary Lane and Sutton Street. Community sources theorise his killing is gang related.

The day before, 30 people, including Sunshine Girl Latanya Wilson, were left homeless following an arson attack; another gang linked incident.

Jitters are starting to creep into the residents of Southside and Tel-a-Viv.

Some fear a Zone of Special Operations that’s been in effect since January 9, 2022 may be losing its effect.