posted by: Suzell Wray

“We want a liveable wage.”

This was the plea echoed by the Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, Corporal Rohan James following the government’s offer a 2.5 percent salary increase for its rank-and-file members last month.

He says their refusal letter has now received a formal acknowledgement from the government.

Suzell Wray reports.

Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, Corporal Rohan James, says they’re currently awaiting the government’s directive on when both groups will once again head to the negotiation table.

He says this discussion will assist them in dissecting their salary proposal to the Ministry of Finance.

Corporal James told Nationwide News earlier today that the government has formally acknowledged their refusal letter.

When asked if a strike will ensue if a mutual agreement is not met by both parties, Corporal James explained that they will not be comprising the safety of the nation in the process.

He also highlighted that the Jamaica Police Federation has not given the government a wage ultimatum, all that they ask is for a ‘liveable’ agreement.