Chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, Corporal Rohan James, says the organisation is prepared to take the government to court over the full pension payment owed to retired cops.

In an interview with Nationwide News, Corporal James explained that retirees are to receive four components of a beneficial package that includes, Service Pay, Housing, Basic Pay and Special Allowance.

Corporal James argued that the Federation is prepared to take court action.

He added that service pay, which would see retirees from as far back as 2006 being owed, comprises a large sum of the pension package.

Corporal Rohan James, Chairman of the Jamaica Police federation.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Police Officers’ Association, Superintendent Wayne Cameron, has sided with the Jamaica Police Federation adding that the issue has been included as a sub-item in its wage proposal.

Superintendent Wayne Cameron, Chairman of the Police Officers’ Association.