The Police Federation has again rejected the wage offer placed on the table by the Finance Ministry yesterday as the 2017/2019 longstanding negotiations continue.

The Police Federation which represents rank and file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force met with the Ministry at 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

After 4-hours of negotiations, The Federation says the Ministry presented a new position similar to the previous one.

It says the Finance Ministry, portfolio Minister Audley Shaw and State Minister Rudyard Spencer presented a 4-percent offer for year one and 2-percent for year two.

This is still 6-percent spanning over the two years.

The previous offer on the table was 3-percent in year one and 3-percent in year two.

The Federation rejected what they say is just an adjustment in figure.

The Police Federation is expressing disappointment in Minister Shaw, his team and the the slow pace of the negotiation.

The Federation says the Minister says he’ll be doing further consultations with his technocrats today.

Meanwhile, they’ve been invited to attend another meeting tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon to continue negotiations.

The Jamaica Teacher’s Association, JTA, also rejected a 6-percent wage offer yesterday.

The JTA had been hoping for an improved offer during yesterday’s round of talks.

The JTA is to resume negotiations with the Finance Ministry next Wednesday.

The Nurse’s Association of Jamaica will also be meeting with the Finance Ministry tomorrow.