The High Command of the Jamaica Constabulary is distancing itself from a list of wanted individuals for St. James making the rounds on social media.

The list shows almost 30 individuals wanted for various crimes in the parish besieged by crime.

Some of the names on the list have either been confirmed dead or already in police custody.

In a statement this afternoon, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime and Security, Selvin Haye says he wishes to offer some clarity on the list. He says a list of 37 persons was shared and discussed with stakeholders prior to the announcement of the State of Public Emergency.

DCP Haye says from this list, five of those individuals were listed as priority and shared with the media through a release last Friday.

He states categorically that a list currently being circulated on social media and discussed on some traditional media outlets did not come from the JCF.

DCP Haye says the list that was compiled by the JCF consists of persons who are wanted and for whom court-ready files and warrants of arrests have been prepared. He says once those individuals are captured, they can be immediately taken before the courts.

DCP Haye also says list of wanted persons is being constantly monitored and is updated regularly.