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The Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Fitz Bailey, says it appears robbery was the motive behind Thursday’s gun attack on a Director of the Integrity Commission in New Kingston.

The Director, Ryan Evans, who’s in charge of Corruption Prevention, was shot in the arm by one of two gunmen inside the New Kingston Corporate Car Park on St. Lucia Avenue.

The incident happened about 11:10am, shortly after Mr. Evans made a large cash withdrawal from a bank in Liguanea, St. Andrew.

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Rumours started spreading just after 11am on Thursday, that a director of the Integrity Commission was attacked outside the commission’s office in New Kingston.

The story quickly gathered legs and with the police unable to confirm the incident, speculation was rife about the likely motive behind the incident.

Much of the speculation linked the attack to Tuesday’s tabling in parliament of a report and then a letter, recommending eight charges against House Speaker, Marisa Dalrymple Philibert.

By 11:36 am, confirmation came from Executive Director of the Integrity Commission, Greg Christie, that Ryan Evans had indeed been shot.

By then Nationwide News was able to report that Mr. Evans was attacked by two men travelling on a motorcycle.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime, Fitz Bailey, says the police theorize that robbery was the motive behind the attack.

The assailants apparently trailed Mr. Evans who had earlier made a huge cash withdrawal from a bank.

Mr. Evans is receiving treatment in hospital.

DCP Bailey is calling on eyewitnesses to contact the police.