The Police have identified the headless bodies of two men which were recently discovered in the Whitehall area of St. Andrew.

The men who were beheaded are Mark Wellington, otherwise known as ‘Blackie’ and Leonardo Hendricks who’s also known as Platty

Both men are from the Maxfield area in St. Andrew.

Wellington and Hendricks are both believed to have been members of the criminal underworld.

Sources say Wellington was known to the Police as a gang leader.

The two bodies were found on Friday with their heads severed at a premises on Plum Lane which is off Whitehall Avenue.

One of the heads has since been recovered.

Investigators believe the men were killed in connection with ongoing gang violence in a section of Maxfield Avenue called Rome.

It is believed they were lured to the Whitehall Avenue area where they met their demise.

Investigations into this matter are ongoing.