Acting Commissioner of Police, Novelette Grant, says police have identified the mastermind and other members of a criminal network attempting extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from business operators in Spanish Town, Mandeville and Maypen.

In a statement over the weekend police say they’ve launched intensive investigations into the circulation of letters demanding extortion money from business operators.

A copy of the letter obtained by Nationwide News warns business operators who refuse to pay, will be killed along with their families and employees.

Police say two men were arrested in Mandeville on Saturday and 15 of the letters seized in a BMW motorcar.

The men are currently being interrogated and will be charged with multiple criminal offences.

It’s also understood that CCTV footage of other persons of interest has been obtained by the police and more arrests are to be made.

The Acting ýCommissioner of Police Novelette Grant says she’s instructed Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime, CTOC, Mr. Clifford Chambers to deploy all available assets into this investigation.

CTOC has also set up a hotline number to receive calls from business operators or anyone who has received any of these letters or telephone calls demanding extortion money.

The number is 967-1389.

Calls can also be made to 1-800 Corrupt (1-800-267-7878) or Crime Stopý at 113.

In the meantime, the police are advising persons who have received letters not to pay.

Police warn that it’s well known that once you start paying extortion money, it becomes very difficult to stop.