Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, CCU, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick is assuring returning residents that a strong support system is in place to help them.

She gave the assurance this morning on Nationwide.

It follows outrage from the President of the Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents, Percival Latouche last evening regarding the number of returning residents killed since the start of the year.

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ASP Garrick says more than 60-persons have benefited from these services in the last 3-months.

Meanwhile, ASP Garrick says many of the victims killed have been murdered by someone close to them.

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ASP Garrick says the Police are willing to interview the persons returning residents wish to employ.

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ASP Garrick says a task force was set up in the first half of this year coming out of incidents relating to returning residents. She says actions plans were agreed on and enhanced partnerships developed. She says an enhanced support system was also set up by the Police and other stakeholders.

ASP Garrick says it’s through this system that additional support is being provided to returning residents.