The Police have intensified their probe into the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of the security guard at Tacky High School in St. Mary.

Forty-four-year-old Hewitt Jarrett otherwise called “Whitty” of Gayle St. Mary was shot and killed on the school compound Sunday morning.

Reports are that about 10am residents heard explosions and summoned the police to the area.

On their arrival Jarrett was seen lying in a pool of blood on the compound with gunshot wounds.

He was pronounced dead at hospital.

In May Mr. Jarrett was attacked by gunmen who attempted to gain entry to a vault.

The men reportedly set a section of the building ablaze, after realizing the guard did not know the combination code for the vault.

Lawmen are appealing to anyone with information that can assist in the investigation of the murder of Hewitt Jarrett to contact the Gayle Police at 957-8112, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.