Children as young as 9-years-old, are being trafficked to St. Ann to participate in a sex trade according to the Chairman of Parish Development Committee, Anthony Charley.

Mr. Charley says he discovered the child trafficking trade last year, while conducting a survey on children’s issues.

But the police say they’ve just launched an investigation, because the issue was never reported to them.

Anthony Charley says he was carrying out a survey last November, looking at issues of child labour, child neglect and child abuse when he discovered that children were being trafficked at an informal settlement, close to the Ocho Rios market.

Mr Charley says he found out that the children were being transported from neighbouring parishes such as St. Catherine and Trelawny.

He claims that some of the children were participating in the sex ring with the knowledge of their parents.

The police have only recently launched an investigation into the claims, according to Superintendent for the St. Ann Division, Steve Brown.