The police say they’ve launched an investigation into reports that a so called ‘don’ is preying on teenage girls in Lawrence Tavern, West Rural St. Andrew.

According to reports the don had impregnated a seventeen year old girl three times.

According to a Jamaica Observer report on Monday, hoodlums in the community have forced a mother of ten to flee the area after they issued death and rape threats to her and her 13-

year-old daughter.That mother also reportedly told the Newspaper that her niece was impregnated by a self-proclaimed don, at 14 years old.

The child was reportedly forced to lie about her age when she visited the health clinic.

That child is reportedly now pregnant with her third child by the same man — she’s now 17 years old.

Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, Superintendent Enid Ross Stewart, says they’re looking into the allegations.



Superintendent Enid Ross Stewart, speaking this morning with Nationwide News.

She says she’s spoken with the alleged complainants as well as residents in the community.

But Superintendent Ross Stewart says the police is yet to receive any statement from anyone regarding the matter.