The Police High Command has launched an investigation into reported irregularities at the correctional facility where Michael McLean is being held.

The investigation is in relation to allegations that McLean was allowed to leave the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility without proper documentation.

DPP Paula Llewellyn disclosed in court today that an investigation is underway.

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During the trial, McLean mentioned that on several occasions he left prison to have intimate relations at guest houses across the Corporate Area.

Today, Supreme Court judge, Justice Bertram Morrison questioned how such rendezvous could be allowed. He also questioned the convicted man’s ‘manner of deportment including accessories’ during the trial.

McLean became known for his well-tailored suits, matching shoes and gold jewellery.

Justice Brown also questioned how that could be allowed. He said it was a matter that must be addressed.

The judge continued by saying ‘no wonder why people would have been in fear of McLean reaching them from his perch in custody.’