The St. Thomas Police have launched an investigation into a fight that resulted in a JLP caretaker pulling what appears to be a gun.

Nationwide News understands the incident happened in Morant Bay on Monday.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a man in a green shirt can be seen tussling with a man in an orange shirt beside a car.

As the man in green throws punches at the man in orange, another man in a black shirt and tam appears in the video and kicks the man in green. This resulted in the man in green pulling a firearm from his waistband.

This led to the man in the orange shirt yielding and the man in the black shirt and tam running.

The man in green then quickly lowers the gun. Following this, two other men approached the man in orange pinning him to the ground. They then kicked him several times before walking away.

A woman is then seen intervening to deescalate the situation.

Head of the St. Thomas Police, Superintendent Allison Byfield confirmed that the man in green is the JLP caretaker for the Trinityville division, Dean Jones.

She says both Mr. Jones and the other man involved in the altercation have made reports to the police.

Superintendent Allison Byfield, head of the St. Thomas Police, speaking with Nationwide News.