Head of the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Branch, Deputy Commissioner Selvin Haye says the pepper spraying incident involving a policeman and a retired Superintendent is being investigated.

An almost 7-minute long video circulating on social media shows the retired senior cop being pepper sprayed in his eyes after disobeying the Policeman’s request to exit his vehicle.

The retired senior officer was in the car with his son.

Tauna Thomas reports

DCP Hay says they’ve already received incident reports from all the parties involved.

However the Deputy Commissioner says he wasn’t willing to speak on the issue until after the investigation is completed.

The investigation started yesterday.

In the video circulating on social media, the Policeman was seen conducting traffic duties on Molynes Road in St. Andrew.

The Constable on duty can be heard asking the retired Superintendent, Altamont ‘Parro’ Campbell several times to exit the vehicle because he didn’t have his driver’s license.

However, the retired senior officer did not comply.

It was at this moment Campbell was pepper sprayed in the eye by the Constable after he attempted to exit the vehicle.

Campbell’s concerned son was sitting in the passenger’s seat capturing the incident.

He expressed frustration to two other Policemen about the treatment his father had received after 40-years of service to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The retired officer reportedly exited the vehicle when another senior officer who goes by the name Watson arrived on the scene.

Campbell’s son expressed to Watson that the Constable in the incident should be fired..