The Police have listed thirty men in four parishes on its most recent wanted list.

The parishes are Westmoreland, Clarendon, St Andrew and St. Catherine.

Police say the suspected criminals are wanted for several murders, shootings and other crimes across the island.

Ten of the thirty men are wanted for crimes in Westmoreland.

Five wanted men are listed for Clarendon. In St. Catherine, five are wanted in the Northern Police division and five in the South.

In Westmoreland, a number of the suspected criminals are wanted for double and triple murders.

At the top of Westmoreland’s most wanted list is Dushane Allen, otherwise called ‘Nigel’.

The Police say he’s known to frequent Greenwich district in Bethel Town. He’s wanted for three murders over a one year period. The killings were committed between July 2016 and July last year.

The other suspected murderers are Wesley Cunningham, who’s known to frequent Bethel Town, Burton Shearer, otherwise called ‘Bap’, Richard Hamilton otherwise called ‘Brutus’, Garnett Cunningham, Haldane Hamilton, Steve Vassell, Isaiah Perry and Jeff Eliot.

Another man, Donavan Roach, is wanted for wounding.

Over in Clarendon, three of the five men on the list are wanted for murder. They’re Sean Robinson, otherwise called ‘Monkey Man’, Dwayne Butler, and Othniel Smith.

There are two cases of shooting with intent, allegedly involving Nico Walters, otherwise called ‘Speckles or Freckles’ and Fitzroy Andre Coore, otherwise called ‘Bees’.

Four of the five suspects in St. Andrew North are also wanted for murder. Among them – Rushane Ryan McDonald, otherwise called ‘Randy or Sparks’, is wanted for the triple murders of Joseph Kelly, Alecia Graham and Nicholas Lindsay, in July 2013.

Suspected criminal, Akeem Johnson otherwise called ‘Bobo Sparks’, is wanted for shootings, abduction, robbery and the murder of Donovan Lawes in December 2016. He’s of dark complexion, slim build and is about 5 feet 4 inches tall. He has a tattoo of ganja leaves with the numbers ‘666’ below.

All five men are wanted for murder.

In St. Catherine South, the men are wanted for carnal abuse, murder and shooting with intent. They’re Anthony Simms, otherwise called ‘Meng’, Delroy Smith, Arbin Shaw, otherwise called ‘Vaugh’, Kevin Michael Sawyers, otherwise called ‘Richard Steve Francis’ and Ian Thomas, otherwise called ‘Scaley’.

If you have any information on any of these wanted men, please call Crime Stop at 311, the Police 119 emergency number or your nearest Police Station.