The Police Officers’ Association is this afternoon admitting that some senior members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF, pressure their juniors for sex.

This follows claims by at least three rank and file members of the Force who’ve suggested the practice is widespread and part of the culture of the JCF.

In an interview on Cliff Hughes Online this morning, Vice President of the Police Officers’ Association, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, said it’s an issue in the Force which is being dealt with.

SSP McGregor called in on Cliff Hughes Online this morning in damage control mode. He wanted to deal with the bad publicity the JCF is receiving due to claims made on Nationwide Radio yesterday by some rank and file members of the Force. They’ve claimed senior members of the JCF demand sex from them in order to be promoted.

If they refuse, they say they’re punished by being denied promotion, arbitrarily transferred and ridiculed.

SSP McGregor admitted he didn’t hear the interview in which the allegations were made. But he said the members of the Police Officers Association mandated him to call, feeling he had to say something. He’s admitting female members of the Force do complain of sexual harassment.

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One policeman — who’s been in the JCF for 19 years — told Nationwide News it’s not a problem for only women in the Force. He says policemen are also approached by their seniors for sex on a daily basis.

SSP McGregor wants to make one thing clear on that matter.

The senior cop — who’s been serving the Force for more than 35 years — says he’s seen no report of males being pressured for sex by their male superiors.

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He’s committing to help any member who makes such report, formally.

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In the meantime, SSP McGregor also admitted the morale in the Police Force is low, confirming what National Security Minister, Robert Montague has said.

Minister Montague has lamented that the police are demoralized and demotivated, saying the lack of promotion is a big problem.

SSP McGregor says the low morale has resulted from a number of issues including promotion and salary.

He says positive news about promotions is one thing which excites the members of the Force.

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SSP McGregor says there’s been what he describes as a ‘lapse’ in promotions for at least three years. He says the exam used in determining who’s promoted is to be done every two years.

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