Public passenger vehicle owners and operators must ensure the commuting public is able to see the displayed identification of a driver and the relevant certification for the vehicle.

This according to head of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch, PSTEB, ACP Gary McKenzie.

Speaking with Nationwide News, ACP McKenzie says no public passenger vehicle can operate with privacy, as the public have a right to be informed as best possible when making safe choices.

ACP McKenzie says contrary to operating similar drive share business like Uber and inDrive, once you plan to transport members of the public, the vehicle is no longer considered a private car.

Meanwhile, ACP Gary McKenzie has echoed his support for tracking devices to be placed on public passenger vehicles, PPVs.

He emphasised the need for trackers to not only help in protecting passengers, but also the operators who are also at risk.

Head of PSTEB ACP Gary McKenzie speaking with Nationwide News.