The Trelawny Police say they’re investigating reports of an alleged assault of a seven-year-old by other boys at the Clarks Town Primary school last week.

Head of the Trelawny Police, Superintendent Dwight Powell, spoke with Nationwide News this morning.

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Superintendent Powell says after the child’s mother found out about the incident she took him to the hospital where he was treated.

She then went to the school to get answers but appeared not to have been satisfied with the response from the administrators.

Superintendent Powell says that’s when the matter was reported to the police.

However, he says the woman’s behaviour at the station resulted in a parish judge ordering her detention.

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Superintendent Powell says the police have since taken a statement from the woman.

He says he’s instructed his crime officer to investigate if there was any departmental breach in how the matter was handled.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Powell says police and other agents of the state will be visiting the Clarks Town Primary school today.

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