The Police are looking for a man whom they say was involved in a machete attack in Lewis Store, St. Mary, last night which left one man wounded.

This is the second machete attack in the community since the start of the week.

In last night’s incident, the Highgate police say a man attacked a PNP supporter after his sister was allegedly threatened.

Reports are the woman, who’s allegedly a JLP supporter, waved a green flag over the head of the PNP candidate for South East St. Mary, Dr. Shane Alexis, as he did a walkthrough of the area. She was reportedly threatened by a PNP supporter.

Police say the woman’s brother confronted the PNP supporter and an altercation developed.

During the altercation the PNP supporter was chopped. He was taken to the Annotto Bay hospital where he was treated.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a man was charged for unlawful wounding, following an incident in Lewis Store also in South East St Mary. He’s Oneil Walters.

The police say Walters attacked a man after he was denied work on a site in the area.

It’s alleged that Walters had rejected a previous offer but changed his mind. When he was turned away, an altercation developed between Walters and the man who was reportedly in charge of the site.

Walters reportedly chopped the man during the altercation. He’s set to appear in court on November 22.

When Nationwide News contacted the PNP candidate, Dr. Alexis this morning he said he can no knowledge of the incident last night.

However, he confirmed that he was campaigning in the Lewis Store community yesterday afternoon. He said he’s also learned of the chopping incident on Tuesday.