The Police are now probing two other incidents involving the abduction of two female passengers over the weekend.

A teen and young woman were abducted in two separate incidents on Friday in St. Thomas and Kingston. This is the third reported incident of abduction by men in robot taxis since last week.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday in Papine, St. Andrew when a student attending the University of Technology was abducted. Inspector at the Yallahs Police Station in St. Thomas, Lavel Samuels says a 17-year girl was abducted about 1:00 on Friday.

Inspector Samuels says the Yallahs High School student says she was in the vicinity of the institution when she was forced into a vehicle. The student says she was driven somewhere then pulled in the back of the vehicle by the driver. Inspector Samuels says a tussle ensued where the student was cut with a knife and hit in the head.

However, she managed to free herself and was assisted by persons to the police station. The teen’s mother was called and she was taken to the hospital.

The Police say they’re now pursuing early leads to find the perpetrator based on the information they have. The matter has also been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Branch.

Meanwhile, at about 10:00 Friday night, a young woman was abducted and raped in Kingston. Inspector Samuels says the young woman entered an illegal taxi heading from downtown Kingston. He says on the way, the driver carried the young woman onto a lonely road where he raped her. She was thrown out by the driver but got assistance later to go to the police station.

The Police are not yet linking both incidents.