The St. Catherine North Police are conducting investigations into a break-in at an Automated Teller Machine, ATM on Old Harbour Road, in the parish early this morning.

Superintendent Ralford Hardy, of the St. Catherine North Police, says a group of men were successful in removing the vault from a Jamaica National Bank ATM.

He says it appeared to have been a well-planned operation.

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He says the men escaped.

Superintendent Hardy says the police are seeking to obtain footage from the surveillance cameras inside the ATM to determine the identity of the perpetrators.

He says the incident– while not strange– is a wake-up call for the police.

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Meanwhile, the Jamaica National Bank is advising customers that the ATM has been removed for assessment.

In a statement to the media this afternoon, Jamaica National says no cash was accessed from the machine by the vandals.

It’s advising customers to use JN Bank ATMs at its Spanish Town branch until a new machine is installed at the Old Harbour Road location, at Willowdene.