Police are seeking public assistance in finding those responsible for the killing of four men in Westmoreland on Sunday.

The men were gunned down while at a bar and cookshop in Bath district in the parish.

The men have been identified as twenty-three-year-old Timothy Bernard otherwise called Tim, Nineteen-year-old Demario McIntosh, sixty-eight-year-old Glendon Nannan and fifty-four-year-old Carl Banhan, otherwise called Calla.

Reports are that about 9:00 Saturday night, the four men were among a group of people when men rode up on two motorcycles.

The pillions came off the motorcycles and opened fire at the group.

The four men were shot multiple times.

They were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The Police are asking anyone, who may have witnessed to the incident or have any information related to the incident, to contact the Savanna-la-Mar Police at 955-2536, Police 119 Emergency Number, Crime Stop at 311 or nearest Police Station.