Police investigators say they’re pursuing several leads as they probe Thursday night’s murder of well known St. Thomas-based gangster, Rameish Simpson.

Simpson is otherwise known as Rick. He was gunned down by unknown assailants at his home in Logwood, St Thomas.

Reports are Simpson and his wife drove up to their gate about 9:00 last night.

Simpson emerged from the motor vehicle to open his gate. He was attacked by gunmen and shot several times. He died on the spot.

Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit, Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, says Simpson’s wife was also injured during the attack.

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ASP Garrick is appealing to the public to assist the Police with its investigation.

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ASP Garrick also commented on whether Simpson was wanted by the police when he was killed.

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Rameish Simpson made the headlines in 2015 when he and his cousin were taken into Police custody.

At that time, the Police alleged they seized a high-powered weapon from a sports utility vehicle which Simpson drove into the sea in a bid to avoid capture. He was later freed of gun and ammunition charges arising from the incident which took place in Grants Pen, St Thomas.

But that wasn’t Simpson’s maiden brush with law enforcement. He first came to public attention in 2009 when he was shot and injured in St. Thomas by the Police then rescued by West St. Thomas MP, James Robertson.

At that time – Mr. Robertson said he had advised a member of the Police High Command that he was going to transport Simpson to hospital.

This, after Simpson was shot by a member of the police force with whom Simpson allegedly had a dispute.