The police today raided a mansion owned by the controversial leader of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries, Kevin Smith.

Smith’s house in the upscale community of Hatfield Meadows in Ironshore, Montego Bay was searched by detectives from the Major Investigation Division, MID.

The raid of the clergyman’s house comes as the police intensify their investigations into his alleged role in a double murder inside his church in Albion St. James.

It’s understood that Smith accompanied the police to the location.

It’s believed that the stabbing deaths of two members of the church was part of a cult ritual which involved human sacrifices.

Smith, who styles himself as “his excellency, has been in custody since Sunday evening when the bizarre killings took place at his church.

He’s being held on reasonable suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

Smith’s financial affairs along with allegations concerning his domestic activities are also being investigated by the police.

Eight other male members of the Pathways International Ministry remain in jail this afternoon in connection with the alleged sacrificial killings in the church which have stirred national outrage.

The killings and the raid by the police on the cult gathering have attracted international attention, including coverage from Reuters News Agency.

In the meantime…Nationwide News understands that several female members of the church who were recently released from custody have been charged with breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act, DRMA.

The charges are in relation to the gathering on Sunday evening where the double murder took place.