The Police say the seventeen-year-old male student of the Wolmer’s Boys School who sent a voice note threatening to bomb the institution, has been released into the custody of his parents.

This, after the Constabulary’s Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch, CTOC, says it interviewed the child and his parents for a second day this morning.

Head of CTOC Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey says the investigation into the matter is ongoing. CTOC is also interviewing other students of the institution.

In the meantime, Children’s Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison, says her office has been conducting intervention activities with the child since last week.

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She refused to comment further noting that she’s treating the matter as a case before her office. In the lengthy voice note, the teen expressed that he was being ostracized and threatened several of his peers.

CTOC’s ACP Bailey has reassured the school community and the nation that there is nothing to be alarmed about.

And the Education Ministry has said that during an interview, one of the boy’s relatives revealed he was found reading a book that has the numbers 6-6-6 on the cover.

The Ministry says it’s helping the police to conduct a psychological assessment of the child.