A man has been found dead in a section of St. Thomas.

The mid-morning report led many people to speculate that the man was mistakenly identified as suspected abductor Davian Bryan and fatally attacked.

The man was reportedly brutally chopped.

Head of the St. Thomas Police, Superintendent Alison Byfield spoke with Nationwide News a short time ago.

Superintendent Byfield says on the scene an international driver’s license was found.

Superintendent Byfield says the man’s death is being treated as a case of murder.

Superintendent Alison Byfield, Head of the St. Thomas Police.

In the meantime, Member of Parliament for West St. Thomas, James Robertson says the fatal attack did not occur in Bath where the two abductions had taken place.

Llandewey is two hours away from Bath.

According to Mr. Robertson the search for Bryan has extended right across the parish.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robertson says he believes the search for Bryan should now be left in the hands of the security forces.

James Robertson, Member of Parliament for West St. Thomas.

At this hour, Bryan is still at large.