Multiple security posts have been set up in the Rockfort community of East Kingston following recent flair-ups of violence over the past few months.

That’s according to Councilor for the Norman Gardens Division, Dr. Angela Brown Burke.

The residents have long been calling for the police post, saying it would curb the violence.

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Dr. Brown-Burke and the Member of Parliament for East Kingston, Phillip Paulwell were touring the Rollington Town community last week following the announcement of road work in the area.

Rockfort residents told our news centre the community is now ‘calm’ after months of bloodletting.

They say one of the security posts is set up close to Jarett Lane and the other ‘further up the hill’.

They say police and soldiers are now regularly seen patrolling the community.

The residents added that a number of street lights that were damaged have now been fixed.

Our news centre understands these changes were implemented before the start of the new school year — after the Rockfort Development Council invited the media into the community to let the residents to tell their story.