Head of the Kingston West Police Division, Superintendent Howard Chambers says the police have started raids to capture a number of suspects in Bread Lane, Denham Town following a shooting incident in the community yesterday.

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He says the names of a number of the suspects being pursued was also reported to the police.

Superintendent Chambers says the police have also established a strong presence in the area. He says there’s been robust foot and mobile patrol.

Superintendent Chambers says the police will be also be putting out a person of interest list shortly.

One person was killed and four others injured in the community about 10:30 yesterday morning. Reports are gunmen entered a yard and opened fire on them.

Superintendent Chambers says the other four survivors are in stable condition.

There has been a surge in violence in west Kingston since Friday’s shooting of son of former Tivoli Don, Christopher “Dudus” Coke, and two others.