The Police High Command misled the country last Friday when it cited murder figures to justify Mount Salem, in St. James, being declared the first Zone of Special Operations.

Nationwide News understands that the misleading figures given to the government are causing it severe embarrassment.

It’s understood the Holness administration has reported the matter to the Police Service Commission for what’s being described as the strongest possible action to be taken.

Our news centre is also learning that of the more than 140 police personnel detailed to participate in launching the first Zone of Special Operations, fewer than a third showed up to move into Mount Salem last Friday morning.

This is now the subject of a series of actions being deliberated by the Holness administration.

Last Friday, the police said there’ve been 54 murders committed in Mount Salem so far this year.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Clifford Blake, gave the statistic as the government outlined why Mount Salem had been designated the first zones of special operations instead of other areas where there’ve been recent flare ups of violence.

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Some residents of Mount Salem, though welcoming the security forces operation, questioned the data provided by DCP Blake. They argued that there’ve not been 54 murders in the community.

A community activist from St. James, O. Dave Allen, in an interview on Nationwide @5 last Friday, denied the police information.

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Our information shows that the 54 murders cited by the police are a mix of murders and shootings in the area since the start of the year.

The information does not say how the murders and shootings are separated.