The Police have announced a zero-tolerance approach to crime in St. James, in the wake of yesterday’s declaration of a State of Public Emergency in the parish.

They’ve also ordered several types of businesses to close early, as part of ensuring that the threat to public safety is contained.

All Community Recreational Areas in St. James are now to close by 6:00 p.m.

Cookshops, dry goods and haberdasheries should close by 7:00 p.m. Spirit License premises should be closed by 9:00. Service Stations by 10:00.

And Clubs and fast food restaurants by midnight. The Police are warning the public to fully adhere to the restrictions. They say violators will be prosecuted.

Last year, 335 murders were committed in St. James. According to the JCF, 90-percent of the murders were gun-related, and a large percentage of the murders were also gang-related.

They say proceeds from rife lottery scamming in the area have funded the large-scale purchase of illegal weapons and ammunition.

Police say this contributed significantly to 253 shooting incidents in the parish.