The police are to resume their questioning today of several men who were detained following the shooting of one of St. James most wanted men.

Nico Samuels, otherwise called Bowza, was killed during a gun battle with members of the security forces at an apartment complex in Hatfield, Ironshore, Montego Bay.

Samuels was wanted for at least eight murders and various acts of arson in the parish. He was also a reputed gang leader in St. James.

Reports from the police are that shortly after 1pm on Saturday, police went to the apartment in search of members of a gang. They were fired upon and a gun battle ensued for several hours.

The security forces sent for reinforcements and were able to overcome the men. It’s reported that at least two members of the security forces were injured during the incident.

Several men who were in the apartment complex were taken into custody. Two firearms and several rounds of ammunition were recovered.