Approximately 60 pre-owned vehicles handed over to the police as part of what’s been called the ‘Used Cars Scandal’ have been reassigned to administrative tasks within the JCF.

That’s the word from Assistant Commissioner of Police, Warren Clarke in a report to Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee.

The Opposition members of the PAAC say the report vindicates their stance against the used car policy. The report was read by PAAC Chairman, Dr. Wykeham McNeil, during yesterday’s sitting of the PAAC.

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The report also says mechanical problems have been successfully strategized, considerably reducing the risk.

It says the vehicles have been fully incorporated into the fleet.

The report comes after concerns were raised by the opposition that the used cars obtained for the JCF by then National Security Minister, Robert Montague, were unsuitable.

PAAC Member, Fitz Jackson, says the report from ACP Clarke is proof that the policy was ill-conceived.

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But, government MP Norman Dunn, saw it another way.

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The cars were part of 200 pre-owned vehicles that were to be handed over to the JCF by O’Brien International Car sales.

However, to date, less than half of the vehicles have actually been delivered. The matter is now the subject of a police investigation. The government has also scrapped the policy of providing used cars to the JCF.