A policeman was disarmed at the Freeport Police Station this evening, leading to three people being injured in a bizarre incident.

Nationwide News understands a member of the constabulary attached to the station and two detainees who were being held at the station’s lock-up are nursing gun shot wounds.

This after a policeman on duty was disarmed by a detainee. Reports are after disarming the policeman, the detainee opened fire in the lock-up area of the station.

It’s understood the detainee barricaded himself inside the lock-up while shooting the policeman’s firearm.

Reinforcements were called in and the detainee was eventually disarmed and placed in custody.

When the shooting subsided a member of the constabulary was reported to have been shot in the hand. Two inmates were also reportedly shot in their upper bodies.

Our news centre understands one of the inmates was shot in the neck and the other in the chest. Up to the time of publication their conditions were unknown.

Police High Command has launched an investigation into the incident. It’s understood the disarmed policeman may have breached protocol.

It’s understood that it’s against regulations for police personnel to enter cells or the holding area with a firearm.