Stevian Simmonds reports

The People’s National Party, PNP, is still at war!

That’s according to political commentators Kevin O’Brien Chang and Nadeen Spence.

Two months after the PNP’s massive General Elections defeat, the political commentators say attempts to unify the fractured party aren’t going well.

A group of People’s National Party, PNP, National Executive Council, NEC, members is purportedly accusing newly-elected party president, Mark Golding, of trying to influence the body to rubber stamp his choices for General Secretary and Chairman.

South West St Andrew Member of Parliament, Dr Angela Brown Burke, and former North West St Ann MP, Dr Dayton Campbell, are reportedly Golding’s choices to fill the two positions.

But, East Kingston MP, Phillip Paulwell, who supported Lisa Hanna’s failed bid to become PNP President, has thrown his hat in the ring to become chairman of the embattled party.

Political commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says unity cannot be achieved by merely talking about it.

According to Mr. O’Brien Chang, the current state of the PNP is of significant concern.

Meanwhile, Political Commentator, Nadeen Spence, says the PNP is trying to move forward without addressing the fundamental issues affecting the party.

Meanwhile, Mr. O’Brien Chang says he’s uncertain Dayton Campbell would be a good choice for PNP General Secretary.

Kevin O’Brien Chang, Political Commentator.