PNP President and former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, last night threatened some of her party supporters in Lisa Hanna’s South East St. Ann constituency.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller threatened to war with the comrades last night when they expressed their opposition to her endorsement of three of the party’s incumbent councilors.

Coucillors Lloyd Garrick, Lambert Weir, and Lydia Richards and their Member of Parliament, Lisa Hanna, have been at logger heads for more than 2 years now.

News emerged on nomination day that PNP supporter, Vernon Williams had been nominated as an independent candidate to challenge Garrick in the Moneague division of the constituency.

While in Claremont, another known PNP supporter, Wayne Simpson, was nominated to challenge Weir.

The PNP President went to Claremont last to drum up support for Garrick and Weir.

But some PNP supporters would have none of it. They openly expressed their opposition in front of Simpson Miller.

The protesters shouted and described Weir and Garrick as traitors to the PNP’s cause and noted that the two councillors have made efforts to undermine MP Lisa Hanna.

Mrs. Simpson Miller became angry declaring that she’s never run from a fight.

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The angry PNP leader went further. She told the angry PNP supporters to remember the power of her constituency and that she cannot be spoken to by any boy or gal.

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But the disenchanted comrades laughed at Simpson Miller and continued to lash out at the Councillor for Claremont by shouting – “no more weird”

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It got worse as the Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister became even more infuriated.

She thundered to the comrades that she would return to Hanna’s constituency. But ominously warned that she’d return with reinforcement.

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However, the heckling continued.

Simpson Miller fired back at the comrades and shouted gweh wid dat.

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