Tensions in the governing People’s National Party’s, PNP, concerning the National Housing Trust, NHT/Outameni scandal which is plaguing the Simpson Miller administration has taken another turn.

The Prime Minister and PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller, on Sunday delivered a warning to prominent members of the party who’ve publicly criticized her and the NHT Board’s handling of the scandal.

Nationwide News sources say Mrs. Simpson Miller lashed out at party members who’ve gone public with their dissent of the Government’s handling of the scandal during a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council, NEC, in Montego Bay, St. James.

Our sources say Mrs. Simpson Miller did not identify persons by name.

But she chastised party members, whom, according to her, have been publicly speaking out of turn.

Mrs. Simpson Miller also made mention of social media and expressed her displeasure that some PNP members have chosen that forum to criticize the Government.

Our sources at the meeting say the Prime Minister and PNP President was clear, in stating her disapproval.

She reportedly directed party members who’ve chosen to criticize her administration in the public domain to immediately cease and desist.

Recently, PNP Vice President and Mayor of Kingston, Angela Brown Burke, lashed out at the Board of Directors of the NHT, on Facebook.

Mrs. Brown Burke stated that she wished that the NHT Board would just shut up, while showing humility and respect for public service.

Also speaking on Facebook, Councillor for the Papine Division, the PNP’s Venesha Phillips, described Mrs. Simpson Miller and her Cabinet’s decision to retain members of the Easton Douglas Board as – “a slap in the face of the Jamaican people”.

State Minister and PNP Deputy General Secretary, Julian Robinson, also spoke out on twitter, saying the Prime Minister and PNP President should’ve been more upfront in dealing with the NHT/Outameni scandal.

Mr. Robinson also declared that he disagrees with the multi-million dollar purchase by the NHT of lands which housed the failed Outameni tourist attraction which was owned by businessman, Lennie Little White.

Nationwide News sources say Minister Robinson in particular has faced strong internal backlash for his stance.

It’s understood that days ago, the embattled Junior Minister was moved to indicate that he’s prepared to resign.

However, that potential shock to the administration was averted following a meeting between Minister Robinson and Prime Minister Simpson Miller.

It’s understood that Minister Robinson, Councillor Phillips and Mayor Brown Burke were present at the PNP’s NEC meeting on Sunday as Mrs. Simpson Miller signaled that PNP members should desist from publicly taking the Government to task in relation to the first major scandal to dog her three year old administration.