PNP President, Portia Simpson Miller, is urging comrades to note that she’s on good terms with leadership aspirant Peter Bunting and his close associate, the recently elected Chairman of the South St. Andrew constituency, Senator Mark Golding.

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Mrs. Simpson Miller was addressing a PNP meeting in South St. Andrew last night.

Bunting recently indicated that he’ll not challenge Mrs. Simpson Miller at the PNP’s annual conference in September.

She said the PNP is unified.

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Mrs. Simpson Miller also called on comrades in South St. Andrew to support Senator Golding following his win over Colin Campbell in the recent contest to succeed Dr. Omar Davies as MP for the area.

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Meanwhile, Senator Golding also addressed the meeting and expressed support for Mrs. Simpson Miller in her upcoming contest with Dr. Karl Blythe at the PNP’s annual conference in September.

Senator Golding told the meeting that he’s not certain why Dr. Blythe felt that he should mount a leadership challenge at this time.

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