Three businessmen in Portland have been charged with breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

At least one of the men has also been charged for breaches of the Noise Abatement Act.

The men were charged after being served with summonses yesterday.

They’re 35-year-old Demar Bell, his brother 34-year-old Colin Bell and 26-year-old Janiel Dormer otherwise called DJ Dormer.

The Bell brothers are the operators of the Seabell Resort in Hope Bay, Portland.

Dormer is a sound system operator of Snow Hill District Portland.

The three were charged in relation to an illegal entertainment event held at the Seabell Resort on New Year’s Day.

Reports are, the Hope Bay Police acting on information visited the Seabell Resort where an unauthorized event was in progress.

The accused men were warned to discontinue the event.

However, when the police later returned that same day, they observed over 300 persons in the venue.

A party was in full swing.

The event was again shut down by the Police and the patrons told to leave.

The three were warned for prosecution and subsequently served with summonses yesterday.

They’re all scheduled to appear in the Portland Parish Court at a later date.