Former West Indies fast bowler, Darren Powell, will become the governing PNP’s caretaker-candidate for North West St. Elizabeth, ahead of general elections due in 2016.

Powell was selected by delegates of the constituency to be their standard bearer.

He scored a massive victory over President of the National Parent Teachers Association, Everton Hannam, polling 1-hundred-and-30 votes to Hannam’s 30.

Head of the PNP’s Region Five, Senator Wentsworth Skeffery, yesterday told Nationwide News the outcome of the elections.

Wentsworth Skeffery, Head of the PNP’s Region Five and director of elections in yesterday’s poll.

Powell is currently Councillor for the Malvern Division in the St Elizabeth Parish Council.

It’s now expected he’ll challenge the Opposition JLP’s, J.C. Hutchinson, who’s now the Member of Parliament for the constituency, in the next general general election.

Mr. Hutchinson has held the seat for the JLP since 1997.

The vote took place at the Maggotty High School.